Who is this little boy who quads, cooks, and fights with kids and monkeys?

Young Hasbulla isn’t an ordinary boy, you will soon learn that he loves to do a lot of exciting activities, and he is very good at them! Meet the fresh star of Dagestan introduced to us by Instagram. We are sure you will love him as much as the rest of the world does.

Easy Rider

Who wouldn’t love this adorable face! He looks just like an elf, such a cutie! But when you see he doesn’t only ride toy bikes, you’ll be amazed! Meet Magomedov, better known as ‘Mini Khabib’, the talented and famous boy from Russia. This tiny little guy with a sweet face does things like an adult, especially riding bikes.

Quad it up

That’s right, ‘Khabib’ rides a real, adult-sized quad – a feat not many parents would allow their sweet child to do! The way he is sitting and holding the quad shows how comfortable he is with this hobby; he surely didn’t start today! But is it all we should know about him?

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