The 4 Most Expensive Houses In The World


The rich and famous pay any price for a luxurious dream home. Large villas with amazing sea views, private rooms for retreat, helipad, and private pool in basement. Many prominent stars all over the world afford top-class dream houses. It can happen that a property costs a double-digit million amounts. Here we present the most expensive residential buildings in the entire world.

Antilia in Mumbai (India)


It is probably the most expensive single-family house on our planet. Located in India, Antilia is owned by billionaire Mukesh Ambani. The owner is one of the 50 richest people in the world and has fulfilled a dream with the construction of this building. The residence is over 170 meters high and is said to have cost over 750 million euros. The skyscraper contained swimming pools, its own cinema, a six-story parking garage, a library, a temple and various helipads. A terrace with huge gardens also belong to the building complex. The architects opted for sufficiently large rooms. So there are only 27 floors in Antilia. Otherwise, at least 50 floors can be accommodated in a normal skyscraper of this size.

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