Most Dangerous Weapons You Can Legally Own in the US

In some places, and in many developed nations, it is not legal to own various weapons, their illegality mostly based of their degree of lethality and danger to the wider public. It is understandable why a country where guns are illegal won’t allow tank ownership, for instance.

1/13 – Chain Whips

These sound about as sadistic as they are. They are not from a scene out of Mad Max (any of them), or some other film about a nihilistic and brutal world, but a deadly weapon you can purchase online and own legally. It is a whip fashioned out of chains and/or interlocking sharpened disc blades, the slashing motion can inflict bone snapping and lacerating damage to anything in its way. There are versions, like the Wushu Chain Whip used by professional martial artists in traditional martial practice consisting of several metal rods, joined end-to-end by rings forming a flexible chain, mimicking a whip. Or there is the all American version that you can buy for under $50 consisting of:

  • A wire wrapped solid metal handle
  • 21 perfectly constructed, stainless steel discs
  • Reach is a length of 46 ½ inches

Deadly weapon in trained hands, even deadlier in untrained ones!

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