Gordon Ramsay says you should never order THIS dish at a restaurant

And this is the one day you should never visit a restaurant

If there’s anyone who knows how to cook, it’s Gordon Ramsay. The foul-mouthed chef has no trouble conjuring up the most exquisite of dishes, but he’s also your man when it comes to simple recipes. That’s why we were curious about his recommendations when it comes to visiting restaurants; what are some dos and don’ts in his personal dining guide? 

Gordon Ramsay shares some valuable tips.


Although Gordon has quite a mouth on him, he’s also a pretty nice and reasonable guy. In an interview with Town and Country he shared what you should and shouldn’t do in a restaurant. For example; what should you do when you are served a lousy meal? And what should you definitely not order in a restaurant?

Should you ask the waiter for a recommendation?

Gordon says that although it does depend on the restaurant, most waiters will have tasted most of the dishes on the menu, and will know what the chefs do or don’t put in to them. He also tells that he himself has gotten some valuable recommendations from serving staff in restaurants throughout the years.

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