Divers Discovered Missing Camera on Seafloor, Shocked by the Picture

Have you ever lost anything at sea? Perhaps a watch, a wallet, or maybe even a stuffed animal? Well, one day, a team of Canadian divers discovered something of grave importance lying on the seafloor: a camera. After cracking the camera open, the team was shocked to the core to see what images were stored in the memory card. Continue reading to learn what the team of researchers did!

1. An Underwater Adventure

On May 13, 2014, a team of divers from the Marine Ecology Lab at Simon Fraser University in BC were preparing to get their feet wet. Their plan was to conduct research off the coasts of Bamfield to take notes of the local aquatic wildlife. It was an in-and-out plan—record their observations, take pictures, have a fun time doing so, then go back home. However, little did they know, their underwater adventure would be anything but normal.

2. Looking for Starfish

The team’s goal was to dive into the cold depths along the Bamfield coast to see what sort of starfish species called the area home. They were also planning on capturing a few live specimens to take them back to their lab for further studies, but when they got to the bottom of the sea, something caught the eyes of two of the divers. If you know anything about nature, it’s that very rarely do you find straight lines in the wild. The diver inspected the object more closely to see what it was.

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