Buy Your Own House In Breathtaking Italy For Only $1

It has always been a dream of mine to buy  a house in the picturesque canvas that is Italy. This seemed like a fantasy that would never come true, until I heard about an incredible initiative set up by an Italian mayor. In a town called Sambuca di Sicilia, on the island of Sicily, the Italian government is pushing to encourage young people to live there. You might ask “Why?”, and then probably, “Where can I sign up?”

The Region

Sambuca – not the drink, folks – is only 96 square-kilometers and yet it was nominated as one of the “Most Beautiful Towns in Italy”. Its close proximity to the Mediterranean Sea, access to the serene forest and bold mountains, and its vintage architecture makes it the ideal location for retirement or a tranquil vacation home. Resting atop a hill with postcard views, calling it a day with a glass of wine and delicious Italian food is as paradise as it gets.

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