9 Major Foods for Each Age

Let us split your life into decades. Each of the decades is a beautiful period in your life. The main point is to live it in a healthy way.

Here is a list of food you should eat…:

1. … in your 20’s

Dairy products are essential for people in their 20’s. This is when your body cells need energy to help you stay active and strong. Your bones are still growing and developing. If you are still under your 30’s, then you need more calcium in your menu (1,000 mg is your daily dose). Get it from yogurt or supplements if you are allergic to milk products. No artificial flavors and preservatives, of course!
Eggs are another food that you need to eat when you are in your 20’s. The whites of the eggs are pure protein. This protein is lean. The yolks are great too – they are rich in fats and vitamins. You can eat fish like tuna or salmon if you do not like eggs. The only minus of tuna is that this fish contains too much mercury – one of the elements that are toxic. Eat tuna in moderation.

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