6 Foods That Should Not Be Found in Your Fridge

Here is a list of foods one should never have in the fridge.

1. Avocados

The fridge is not the best place for unripe avocados. If you place an unripe avocado in the fridge, you will only delay the ripening process. Place avocadoes in the refrigerator only if and when they are ripe enough. Keep them in a cool place until you decide to use the food.

2. Tomatoes

Tomatoes taste and smell great right till the moment you decide to place them in the fridge. In cold places tomatoes lose their flavor and taste different. Ripening of the food stops if the product is kept in cool air. As we all know, the riper the fruit or vegetable is, the more fragrant it is. Low temperature of the refrigerator will inevitably change the texture of the tomatoes. Besides, the membranes within the walls of tomatoes break down. The best place for tomatoes is a bowl or a basket placed on your counter.

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